Report: Carbon Dividends Would Benefit Canadian Families

A study commissioned by Canadians for Clean Prosperity shows that the vast majority of households, regardless of income level, would receive more money in the form of carbon dividend cheques than they would pay in carbon taxes, should the federal government introduce carbon dividends in those provinces in which it brings in its carbon tax "backstop" starting in 2019.

Alberta 2020

Saskatchewan 2020

Ontario 2020

Manitoba 2020

New Brunswick 2020

How do Carbon Dividends save us money?

All Canadian citizens and businesses alike, pay the carbon fee. All of the money collected is divided out equally to Canadian citizens. This means the majority of households will receive a larger dividend than the fee they paid.

How do Carbon Dividends help fight climate change?

By making it more expensive to pollute, we all become more incentivized to reduce emissions. Changing our habits can help reduce our carbon output, lessening our impact on the environment. Carbon Dividends provide financial support to make these changes, such as switching to a more fuel efficient vehicle or insulating our home.

Will Carbon Dividends kill Canadian jobs?

No. Carbon intensive business which would be disadvantaged compared to their competitors are largely rebated to lower their carbon fees.